Exercise May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk in African Americans

Exercise May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk in African Americans
african american women and breast cancerBoston University Slone Epidemiology Center's Dr. Lynn Rosenberg, ScD, is suggesting yet another reason to incorporate exercise into daily life. Physical activity may decrease the risk of breast cancer for African American women, according to her article published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, entitled, "A Prospective Study of Physical Activity and Breast Cancer Incidence in African American Women." "Although expert review panels have accepted a link between physical exercise and breast cancer incidence, most study participants have been white women," stated Dr. Rosenberg in a news release from Boston University Medical Center. "This is the first large scale study to support that vigorous exercise may decrease incidence of breast cancer in African American women." Along with collaborators in Boston and lead investigator Dr. Lucile Adams-Campbell from Georgetown University, Dr. Rosenberg used prospective data from the black Women's Health Study and follow-ups of 44,708 African American women ages 30
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