Dogs To Be Used to Sniff Out Breast Cancer in Breath

Dogs To Be Used to Sniff Out Breast Cancer in Breath
dog sniffing breast cancerMedical diagnostic tests that test the human breath are becoming increasingly more effective and accurate. Recently, researchers have developed a breath test that can diagnose Cystic Fibrosis, GERD, and IBD. Similarly, there is also a newly-created breath test for detecting lung cancer. While these news tests diagnose diseases of the lung, a new breath test involving dogs may allow for the early, accurate diagnosis of breast cancer. According to numerous reports out of the UK, a breast cancer clinic in Buckinghamshire is working with a cutting-edge organization known as Medical Detection Dogs in preparing to conduct a study to see if their specially trained dogs can literally sniff out trace evidence of breast cancer in patients.  This isn't the first time that dogs from the organization have been used to detect cancer. According to a report in the Telegraph, dogs have been previously utilized to sniff urine samples to diagnose prostate cancer, achieving a 93% accuracy rate and having the findings published
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