Maine Breast Cancer Coalition Helps With Treatment Costs

Maine Breast Cancer Coalition Helps With Treatment Costs
Patient Demographics for breast cancerBreast cancer is one of the deadliest, most common types of cancer, ranking second only to lung cancer as one of the leading causes of cancer-related deaths in the United States. It is the focus of countless ongoing research and development efforts today, and new discoveries and better treatments are published almost weekly. Whether a patient with breast cancer would feel hopeful about these cutting edge developments, or feel the opposite, often depends on the level of breast cancer treatment they can afford. Fortunately, there are a number of organizations that offer financial aid to the sick. The Maine Breast Cancer Coalition is one of them, having helped hundreds of breast cancer patients with their health costs, as well as need for emotional support. One of the coalition's Support Service Fund's recipients is Nichole Belanger. She was first diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago, August 2012. She was forced to juggle being a single parent, managing her own salon, and commuting to Scarborough from Bangor for her treatment sessions. Eventually, the stress became too much for her, which made her make the difficult decision to move. This was when she felt the heavy costs of fighting for her life. She filed an application for help from the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition, and was approved under the Support Service Fund. Nichole could not have been happier when she
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