Limited Edition Pink 5-Hour Energy Sales to Support Breast Cancer

Limited Edition Pink 5-Hour Energy Sales to Support Breast Cancer

Today, people and organizations who want to raise awareness and funds for chronic diseases, such as breast cancer, have a number of creative and highly engaging options to choose from: art exhibits, red carpet events, marathons, etc. This month, Living Essentials LLC, a Michigan-based distributor of vitamin-enriched energy drinks, is bringing back its own way to support breast cancer patients and research.

Living Essentials' 5-Hour Energy shots will come in a limited edition, specially-marked pink lemonade variant beginning this month. For every bottle sold, 5 cents will go t Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC), a national education and support organization with programs like a toll-free help hotline, conferences, webinars, publications, podcasts and small grants.

The company's commitment to breast cancer and LBBC is now in its second year, with a predicted minimum donation of $200,000 at the end of the campaign. Last year, the company donated $344,269.20 to the LBBC along with national exposure, giving the organization a significant boost in their many services and future plans. In fact, thanks to Living Essentials' contributions, calls to LBBC's hotline doubled, over 41,000 copies of Guides to Understanding Breast Cancer<

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