JD Breast Cancer Foundation Teams Up with Ambiance to Organize 2014 Pink Carpet Gala

JD Breast Cancer Foundation Teams Up with Ambiance to Organize 2014 Pink Carpet Gala

shutterstock_206384146The Board of the JD Breast Cancer Foundation (JDBCF) is currently making preparations for the 2014 Pink Carpet Gala event, which will take place on Saturday, October 18th. The event is being organized in collaboration with Ambiance, “The Store for Lovers.” This year’s 2014 Pink Carpet Gala will celebrate women who are fighting breast cancer.

The annual Pink Carpet Gala honors the lives of women currently suffering from breast cancer. Every year, ten women who already won the battle against the disease are given a complete makeover, which includes new outfit accessories, hair, and makeup, as well as a special gift commemorating the evening’s experience for the event’s “Pink Carpet Ladies.”

The event hosted last year brought 300 people together to support the cause, in what was the 3rd annual JDBCF Pink Carpet Gala, which included Ambiance president Jennifer Downey. Ambiance clerks collected almost $7,000 in grants to support projects from the foundation. “I think our employees did an awesome job getting donations up to that level,” said Downey.

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“We are passionate about helping our clients in whatever way possible to help them move forward today and tomorrow,” said Hayley Williams, Board President of JD Breast Cancer Foundation, whose main goal is to give critical financial assistance, support, and inspiration to individuals diagnosed with breast cancer. Many of the members of the foundation board have themselves suffered the burden of the disease, with people in their families having suffered from the disease.

The foundation has been working for 16 years to provide resources to women who are being treated for breast cancer, as well providing financial and legal help to support groups and to the community. The JDBCF applauded Ambiance for its support and generosity to the cause, which has been ongoing for several years. The tickets for the 2014 Pink Carpet gala are already available at Event Brite.