How Changing Habits Can Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

How Changing Habits Can Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Breast Cancer Awareness MonthEven though breast cancer affects fewer people every year, and kills less than ever before, the disease remains one of women's biggest health concerns. However, there are some habits and practices that can help prevent the disease, as explained by Margaret I. Cuomo, MD, author of A World without Cancer: The Making of a New Cure and the Real Promise of Prevention. The author discusses ten tips on how do reduce the risk.

"Cancer is not an inevitability. Women have more control over the disease than they think," Cuomo said in a Today Health news release. "Everything we do from the moment we wake - from what we eat and drink to whether or not we exercise and avoid BPA, parabens, and other carcinogenic chemicals--is a factor that can turn on or off the genetic switches in our bodies, including ones that could lead to cancer. The risk of many cancers, including breast cancer, can be significantly reduced by living a healthy lifestyle."

Breast Physiology

First of all it is important for women to know how dense their breasts are, since having high density increases the risk of breast cancer by six times. Moreover, having more tissue than fat in the breas

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