Breast Cancer’s Genomics Accurately Evaluated by Circulating Tumor Cells

Breast Cancer’s Genomics Accurately Evaluated by Circulating Tumor Cells
A recent study published in the Breast Cancer Research journal suggests that tumor cells circulating in the blood of metastatic breast cancer patients can be as accurate as tumor biopsies in genomic read-outs. This research was lead by Sandra V. Fernandez, Ph.D., assistant professor of Medical Oncology at Thomas Jefferson University, the academic medical center in Philadelphia. Genetically speaking, metastatic cancers are constantly changing; which means that a treatment that worked positively for a patient today may not stop cancer growth tomorrow. Throughout the cancer course, patients are constantly subject to biopsies to evaluate their cancer's genomic makeup. However, not all patients can repeat biopsies, since it is an invasive procedure that may not be possible due to inaccessible lesions. According to the study results, tumor cells isolated from triple negative breast cancer patients' blood can reveal similar cancer-driving mutations as the ones detected from a standard biopsy. Thus, circulating tumor cells (CTCs) can, in the future, replace tissue biopsies and optimize treatments. CTCs
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