Healthy Ones To Raise Breast Cancer Research Awareness

Healthy Ones To Raise Breast Cancer Research Awareness

shutterstock_219862291Healthy Ones, the deli and healthy lunch meat brand whose products are known for their lower sodium and heart healthy characteristics, has partnered  for the fourth year with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) in support of National Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The food brand wants to raise awareness to its consumers so they know it’s possible and accessible to support Breast Cancer Research.

Throughout October consumers can find the pink packaging of Healthy Ones at the deli counter. For each tub of lunchmeat, the company will donate 5 cents to BCRF, along with another 5 cents per pound of deli meat. The maximum donation is set at $50,000 for all participating products.

Healthy Ones is no stranger in raising Breast Cancer Research awareness. The company had already managed to raise $20,000 through “Pedal For a Great Cause,” a stationary bike pedaling event where for each minute a participant pedaled, $5 were donated to BCRF. In fact, this year two cities, Chicago and Boise, have already hosted these cycling events.

In less than five years the company has donated more than $150,000 to the BCRF.

“We strongly believe people want to make a difference through their purchases,” Elizabeth Di John, Healthy Ones brand manager said in a PR Newswire press release. “We want to help empower them to do so by making a difference in the fight against breast cancer through our support of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  We’re proud of our partnership and the difference we’re all making.”

Using social network media, such as Facebook, Healthy Ones will present its ‘You Can Support Breast Cancer Research’ campaign message to its consumers. This will include video links fro BCRF along other educational contents that can raise awareness to this noble cause.

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Additionally, Healthy Ones will also sample at specific locations and deliver coupons to passing-by costumers.

“We feel it’s important to support The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and its mission,” Chuck Gitkin, John Morrell Food Group vice president of marketing, innovation and R&D, added in the press release. “We feel that the people who purchase Healthy Ones have that same belief. That is why we’re making it easy for them to look for the pink branding of Healthy Ones in the deli and lunchmeat sections at their local grocer.  We want them to feel good about their purchase and that their efforts are supporting breast cancer research.”