Study Finds Arsenic in Drinking Water Reduces Breast Cancer Mortality

Study Finds Arsenic in Drinking Water Reduces Breast Cancer Mortality
shutterstock_195421010In a new study from UC Berkeley and the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile researchers have found that drinking water containing high levels of arsenic is associated with a 50% drop in breast cancer deaths. The study was published in this month’s EBioMedicine journal and presented results from an analysis preformed in a region of Chile where the team looked at breast cancer mortality in a population that had been inadvertently exposed to high levels of arsenic. The results demonstrated that instead of an increased rate of mortality, as has been observed in other cancer sites, breast cancer deaths were reduced to half, especially in women younger than 60 years of age, who saw a 70% reduction in breast cancer death rates. “What we found was astonishing. We’ve been studying the long-term effects of arsenic in this population for many years, focusing on increased disease and mortality attributed to the historical exposure to arsenic in this population,” study lead author Dr. Allan Smith, UC Berkeley professor of epidemiology and director of the Arsenic Health Effects Research Program said in a Berkeley press release. The Chilean city under analysis, Antofagasta, had switched to a source of water that originated from the Andes Mountains, which was later revealed to contai
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