Women Want Advanced Breast Cancer Screening To Be Standard

Women Want Advanced Breast Cancer Screening To Be Standard

Results from a recently concluded survey were published by the Society for Women's Health Research (SWHR) and revealed most women (4 out of 5) feel health facilities should provide mammograms and diagnostics that are more sensitive and accurate to minimize the chances of having to report back to the clinic for abnormal mammogram readings.

The survey revealed 47% of women were called back to the clinic for further testing after they underwent a mammogram. These incidents caused additional stress and fear in women who were already anxious about developing breast cancer.

Last September, the SWHR surveyed 3,501 women as young as 18 years old in order to gain a better understanding of how women think of and feel about breast cancer screening, including several psychological factors such as motivation, barriers, emotional impact, and expectations. Participants' knowledge on these tests, particularly on mammograms, were gauged, which revealed a large number of women believe a more accurate 3D mammography should become the standard for screening, and should be covered by insurance. In fact, two-thirds of those surveyed said they would consider switching to an insurance company that covered more advanced health screening technology.

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