New Breast Cancer Guidelines Can Lower the Need for 2nd Surgeries

New Breast Cancer Guidelines Can Lower the Need for 2nd Surgeries

shutterstock_163881500A large scale study of breast cancer patients from the Breast Cancer Center at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health in Madison, revealed almost a quarter of women who had undergone breast conservation surgery ended up needing a second operation.

Lead investigator and director of surgical oncology at the center, Dr. Lee Wilke, explains the available surgical options that would likely lead to a second operation are actually quite few, but when the need does arise, it can be extremely disappointing, if not traumatic, for women. A second procedure would also lead to poorer cosmetic outcomes.

Dr. Wilke's study collected information from over 240,000 breast cancer patients that had undergone breast conservation surgery between the years 2004 and 2010. They noted 76% of the participants had only one operation - a single lumpectomy, but nearly 25% underwent a second surgery. Out of this number, 62% only consented to a completion of the previous lumpectomy, while the remaining 38% chose a mastectomy, or a complete removal of the breast. The researchers beli

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