Study Designs New Model of Follow Up for Breast Cancer Patients

Study Designs New Model of Follow Up for Breast Cancer Patients
shutterstock_206670595A new study entitled “A Patient-Level Calibration Framework for Evaluating Surveillance Strategies: A Case Study of Mammographic Follow-Up After Early Breast Cancer” was published this week in the journal Value in Health. The team of researchers led by Professor Jon Karnon, professor in Health Economics at The University of Adelaide examined the state of the international guidelines and analyzed the cost-effectiveness of a new follow-up model for early breast cancer survivors. Recommendations from international guidelines are for all women who have completed their primary treatment for early breast cancer and will undergo their annual mammography. However, there are no studies at the moment evaluating and supporting the need for this schedule. With this unmet need in mind, the team of researchers created a novel data collection and model calibration process to analyse the efficacy of other follow-up schedules for early breast cancer survivors. The researchers used a discrete event simulation model representative of the progression of breast cancer in women that were free of the cancer a
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