New Breast Cancer Prognostic Signature Identified

New Breast Cancer Prognostic Signature Identified
shutterstock_129794300A new study identified a gene signature in E2F4 that is predictive of estrogen receptor positive (ER+) breast cancer. The work entitled “E2F4 regulatory program predicts patient survival prognosis in breast cancer” was published in Breast Cancer Research by Sari S Khaleel part of Dr. Chao Cheng’ group at Department of Genetics, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, NH, USA, and colleagues. The management of cancer prognosis and treatment depends on a series of clinicopathological variables that classify cancer outcomes by categories such as stage, grade and responsiveness to adjuvant therapy. The great heterogeneity in cancer types makes accurate outcome predictions and selection of the optimal treatment for individual patients a difficult task. Over the last twenty years, progress in the field of molecular biology enabled the identification of molecular signatures and their use in determining cancer prognosis and treatment choice. Molecular signatures are normally used in early-stage cancers to assess the requirement of adjuvant therapy after surgical resection. A molecular signature that is prognostic and ubiquitous in several clini
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