Tumor Micro-Environment Can Influence Effectiveness Of Nanoparticle Cancer Drugs

Tumor Micro-Environment Can Influence Effectiveness Of Nanoparticle Cancer Drugs
shutterstock_126734099A recent study from University of North Carolina researchers has been published in the Clinical Cancer Research journal, revealing that new drugs based on nanoparticles have not significantly improved overall survival rates for breast cancer patients. Nanoparticles are microscopic containers that carry and deliver drugs directly to tumor cells. According to the research team, this observed failure in patient survival could be due to the constituents of the tumor microenvironment, rather than the actual drugs. This scientific work combined established ideas about cancer with new insights in cancer treatment. It enhanced the relevance of personalized medicine but also reinforced a new concept, emphasizing that tumor micro-environment can affect drug delivery into tumors. The influence of the micro-environment is variable depending on the patient and also varies between single tumors, which can further complicate the search for the motifs behind these observations. Study's senior author, who is also a professor at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy, Dr. William Zamboni, explained in a news release: "Tumors create bad neig
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