Molecular Breast Imaging In Women With Dense Breast Tissue

Molecular Breast Imaging In Women With Dense Breast Tissue
shutterstock_227848060Mayo Clinic researchers have assessed the diagnostic performance of supplemental screening women with dense breasts using molecular breast imaging (MBI) to allow for radiation dose reduction. The efficacy of digital screening mammography is significantly lower in women who have dense breasts (accounting for approximately 50% of all screening-aged population). Within 19 states across the country, it is already mandatory that women who undergo mammography be informed that they may benefit from supplemental screening if they have mammographically dense breasts. However, a consensus has not yet been reached about the best imaging technique for additional screening, along with the balance of its benefits and harms. In this study, titled “Molecular Breast Imaging at Reduced Radiation Dose for Supplemental Screening in Mammographically Dense Breasts”, published in the American Journal of Roentgenology, researchers screened a total of 1,651 asymptomatic women with mammographically dense breasts using two-view digital screening mammography and two-view MBI (Discovery NM 750b, GE Healthcare, or LumaGem, Gamma Medica), which were independently analyzed by different radiologists blinded to th
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