New Molecule Prevents Heart Disease Caused By Toxic Breast Cancer Drugs

New Molecule Prevents Heart Disease Caused By Toxic Breast Cancer Drugs
shutterstock_147901019 According to Dr. Patrizio Lancellotti, professor and chair of the ESC EACVI/HFA Cardiac Oncology Toxicity Registry, patients with some types of breast cancer have greater odds of dying because of heart disease instead of cancer. Dr. Alessandra Ghigo, a research fellow in the Department of Molecular Biotechnology and Health Sciences at University of Torino in Italy and first author of a new paper on Cardio-Oncology added, "Cardiotoxicity of cancer drugs has become an increasing problem in the last decade due to the increasing success of anticancer therapy and aggressive use of these drugs. More people are now surviving cancer but it is estimated that 32 percent of them could die of heart disease caused by their treatment. This has led to a new field of medicine called cardio-oncology." There are several treatments for breast cancer, including the chemotherapeutic drugs doxorubicin and trastuzumab (perception), which contain anthracyclines -- substances that are extremely toxic to the heart. "Radiation therapy can make anthracyclines even more cardiotoxic, as can the sequence of
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