Can Roses Help Prevent Breast Cancer Aggressiveness?

Can Roses Help Prevent Breast Cancer Aggressiveness?
shutterstock_219826864A recent study has revealed that extract from rosehips, the fruit from rose plants, can reduce proliferation and metastasis of triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) cells. The study entitled “Rosehip (Rosa canina) Extracts Prevent Cell Proliferation and Migration in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Cells” was presented by Patrice Cagle, first author, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, during the Experimental Biology 2015 meeting held in Boston, Massachusetts. Triple-negative breast cancer accounts for 10-20% of all breast cancers. "Triple-negative" refers to the unique characteristics of the cancer cells, which lack three growth factor receptors -- estrogen, progesterone and the human protein growth factor receptor 2. These receptors are frequently targeted in breast cancer therapy, and because they are lacking in triple-negative breast cancer, standard chemotherapy has reduced effectiveness. In fact, most of the available breast cancer therapies are not effective against a triple-negative tumor, and patients who achieve remission have higher levels of cancer recurrence and death rates within the first 3 years of remission when compared to other types of breast tumors.
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