Antibodies Naturally Developed to Fight Cancer Discovered

Antibodies Naturally Developed to Fight Cancer Discovered
shutterstock_173060636The human body may be able to fight breast cancer naturally, as suggested by new research conducted at the Scripps Research Institute that found evidence of antibody production in healthy seniors. Without knowing it, these patients' immune systems fought cancer, naturally creating antibodies that may help design novel cancer therapies. Investigators at the Scripps Research Institute began screening the DNA in blood samples from healthy people older than 80 years, designated as "wellderly," to understand what enabled them to live a long and healthy life. During the research, the team found that these patients produced antibodies connected to triple negative breast cancer, for which there is no targeted therapy. When blood samples of senior patients who had never suffered from cancer were analyzed, the team discovered evidence of past victories against cancer. “I thought that the human immune system is really our best defense against cancer,” said in a press release study author Brunhilde "Brunie" Felding. “The wellderly have had a healthy long
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