‘Care Expert’ Cellphone App Helps Women Manage Breast Cancer Challenges

‘Care Expert’ Cellphone App Helps Women Manage Breast Cancer Challenges
Personal face-to-face visits for breast cancer patients with physicians or other care providers may soon be successfully complemented by a smartphone, person-centered app. A PhD student's preliminary evaluation of breast cancer patients finds a newly developed e-support app can be useful to women being treated for breast cancer in helping them manage symptoms, medication, and chemotherapy and side effects, and providing general support in dealing with the illness. ugothlogoA thesis by Filipa Ventura, a PhD candidate at the University of Gothenburg's Sahlgrenska Academy in Gothenburg, Sweden, describes development and preliminarily evaluation of an interactive smartphone app that provides e-support for self-care. Ventura's thesis, "Person-centred e-support. Foundations for the development of nursing interventions in outpatient cancer care," explains how the app, called "Care Expert," has been developed specifically for women undergoing breast cancer treatment and incorporates self-assessment functions for both health and quality of life, self-monitoring of symptoms and status, self-validation, and direct reporting to the patient's contact nurse. Scientifically Based Advice "Care Expert" provides patients with support during sometimes arduous cancer treatment, enabling them to quickly detect and identify symptoms and side effects of the
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