Breast Cancer Has Over 1,000 Therapies in Development, According to Report

Breast Cancer Has Over 1,000 Therapies in Development, According to Report
According to a recent report by business intelligence provider GBI Research, the breast cancer pipeline is the most active in the pharmaceutical industry with 1,050 products in development across all stages and 347 first-in-class programs. These numbers may considerably change the clinical and business outlook of the breast cancer market in the next decade, the report said. The report analyzed innovation in breast cancer in the context of the overall pipeline and current market landscape. Factors driving this market include a large and growing patient pool, a well-established disease market with a number of strong unmet needs, and an understanding of the disease pathophysiology that has developed over the last decade, facilitating the development of novel compounds that may fill unmet needs. "Breast cancer has the largest product pipeline in the pharmaceutical industry, and its significant patient population and successful commercialization of drugs such as Herceptin have attracted a great deal of R&D investment," Dominic Trewartha, managing analyst for GBI Research, said in a press release. "The sheer number of first-in-class products in development reflects a deepening scientific understanding of the underlying pathophysiology of breast cancer a
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