4 Breast Cancer Classifications

4 breast cancer classifications Breast cancer is a malignant disease that affects mainly women due to an uncontrollable growth of cells in the breast. Improvements in prevention and diagnosis have resulted in earlier diagnosis and treatment. When a physician suspects breast cancer, a biopsy is usually requested. During the procedure, a sample of breast tissue is collected to be analyzed under a microscope. To confirm the diagnosis, the cancer care medical team will define a treatment plan and make a prognosis. In order to accomplish this, physicians usually classify the breast cancer according to a series of standard parameters, including type, grade, stage, and gene expression of the breast cancer.   1. Classification Based on Breast Cancer Type: The tissue analyzed during a biopsy can reveal the presence of cancer and if it is a carcinoma or other type of cancer, such as sarcoma. Among the different types of breast cancer, the most common is ductal carcinoma, which means the original site of the disease is within the ducts, which are the tubes that transport milk to the nipple. The cancer can be classified as in situ, which means it is not invasive, or as an invasive breast cancer. (Read more about it here)   2. Classification Based on Breast Cancer Grade: The grade of the breast
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