Breast Cancer and Clinical Trials: What You Need to Know

breast cancer clinical trials

The PRIMROSE Trial is a clinical research trial targeting radiation dermatitis in the breast cancer patient population. Please click on the city nearest to your geographic location to learn more about investigational sites in your area in the link featured below.

Radiation dermatitis is experienced by almost all patients (up to 95%) receiving radiation therapy for cancer. Radiation dermatitis can be a serious condition because, in addition to its direct physical complications and the resulting impact on overall quality of life, it can also be a dose-limiting toxicity requiring changes to the prescribed course of radiation therapy. The most common strategy employed in an attempt to prevent or minimize radiation dermatitis involves moisturization of the irradiated area, use of a mild soap to keep the area clean, and minimizing exposure to potential mechanical irritants, such as scratching and rough clothing. However, this strategy has been shown to lack clinically significant efficacy. Consequently, there is a clinical need for new treatments that are effective in protecting against radiotherapy-induced oxidative stress and the subsequent development of radiation dermatitis.

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