10 Breast Cancer Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor

10 breast cancer Receiving a breast cancer diagnosis, like any other cancer diagnosis, is never easy. A lot of questions may come into your head which you won't know the answers to. When you meet up with your doctor, you should be prepared with specific questions so you can straighten up any doubts you have about your diagnosis.  (source: BreastCancer.org): 1. Is my cancer invasive, non-invasive, or both? 2. Does my breast cancer diagnosis show if the cancer is more aggressive or less aggressive? 3. What about the surgical margins? Are they negative or positive? 4. Have you noticed any cancer cells shown in blood vessels on lymph channels? 5. Hormone receptor test results, what do they indicate? Can I be a candidate for treatment that can lower or blocks the estrogen effects? 6. Did you find cancer cells located in any lymph nodes? If so, in how many lymph nodes? 7. Would I be eligible for a genomic test? 8. Should I be doing tissue tests again if, by any chance, some of my test results are unclear? 9. Will I need any further surgery? Would you recommend it based on my results? 10. Based on my pathology test results, which treatments, in your opinion, are most likely to work for this specific ca
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