6 Types of Exercise You Could Try with Breast Cancer

Everyone should do a regular amount of exercise weekly. But sometimes, there's little motivation do to it, especially after being diagnosed with breast cancer and initiating cancer treatments (that may include medication, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy). Breast cancer treatments can wear you out, make you tired and ill, and not in the mood for exercising, but it's really important that you fight against those feelings. Even if you just do a small amount of physical activity, it's already a big step towards your recovery. Here's a list of six, simple and of moderate intensity physical activities and types of exercise you could try during and after your treatment (source: Breast Cancer Care website)   1. Brisk walking: Even though brisk walking looks easy and basic, this is a great exercise if done properly. Make sure you have the correct posture while doing it and your results will improve. shutterstock_204028318 Did you know that fatigue can be a side effect of breast cancer treatment? Learn 5 possible causes of fatigue in breast cancer. 2. Cycling: Indoor cycling, outdoor cycling, stationary or normal bike, any one of these "bike-ridings" are appropriat
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