BluePrint: A New Approach for Breast Cancer Diagnosis There's a new approach for breast cancer diagnosis available. It's called a "BluePrint" test and it's designed to identify the specific type of cancer down to the molecule, allowing doctors to be able to better diagnose breast cancer down to the subtype of the disease. Breast surgeon, Dr. Mark Gilman, says that doctors have been relying on standard pathology tests to start treatment before surgery but that those tests aren't foolproof. In this video shared by NewsChannel 5 in 2015, you can learn more about how diagnosing breast cancer has been evolving and has been getting more personalized and accurate.

Read more about BluePrint tests with this Breast Cancer News article "Agendia Genomic Test for Molecular Subtyping of Breast Cancer Is a Better Guide to Pre-Surgical Treatment Study Finds".

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