#4EveryMom Breast Cancer Campaign Launched for Mother’s Day

#4everymom breast cancer

A new social media campaign to fight breast cancer was launched by the organization Susan G. Komen. The campaign started on May 2, but it reached its peak so far on Mother’s Day due to its theme. #4EveryMom aims to honor mothers everywhere, particularly the ones fighting breast cancer, survivors of the disease or those who died from it. Simultaneously, the organization aims to raise awareness for the second most common type of cancer among women in the USA.

Regardless of the stage of their breast cancer, whether they are no longer alive or if they are breast cancer survivors, Susan G. Komen invites women to share photos of their mothers and express their love. “#4EveryMom salutes moms everywhere  — moms who support our efforts, moms who live in our memories, and moms who are still fighting,” announced the organization. “#4EveryMom is a tribute to the power of people and the strength of our message and our mission.”

“As we approach Mother’s Day, we want to celebrate the moms in your life. Whether she left us too soon, is working through her diagnosis, or is your main support system, we are committed to finding the cure so that, one day, no one loses their mom to breast cancer – we are working #4EveryMom.  So let’s honor all moms – those who live in our memories and those who are still fighting. Join us by adding or customizing your photo of mom with our photo filter here: http://sgk.mn/1U2uwXj

During the Sunday, May 8, dozens of people answered to Susan G. Komen’s appeal and shared photos of their mothers, using the filter that reads “I Love Mom.” The organization was founded in 1982 and it is based in Dallas, Texas. The campaign granted it a great increase in followers for their social networks – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Susan G. Komen expects to both raise awareness for breast cancer and funding to continue its work.

The organization Susan G. Komen has raised over $800 million since its foundation to support research on breast cancer, as well as over $1.6 billion for screening, education, treatment and psychosocial support programs. The impact of its work has reached breast cancer patients in more than 30 countries worldwide and the organization aims to continue until the disease has been eradicated – a promise made by the founder Nancy G. Brinker to her sister Susan G. Komen.

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