Mother’s Day Used to Honor Breast Cancer Patients

mothers day breast cancer The day a woman becomes a mother is among the most important and joyful days of her life, if not the most. Last Sunday, May 8, families throughout the country celebrated Mother's Day, and homes afflicted by breast cancer were no exception. Numerous advocate groups and organizations used the day to raise awareness about breast cancer and initiatives took place throughout the USA to both alert for the disease and celebrate mothers going through it. If being a mother is a full-time job which changes the life of a woman, suffering from breast cancer is also an important and demanding task with great impact on family life. This day, most commonly used to honor mothers, is also becoming a symbol against breast cancer. One of the examples of this is the Pink Ribbon Run & Walk on Sunday at Genesee Valley Park, which is now in its 15th annual edition and is a tradition in Rochester, New York. The walk joins families, people of all ages, and even pets together - all of them dressed "pretty in pink." The event is organized every year on the morning of Mother's Day by the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester and this year it gathered over 3,000 people. The proceeds were granted to the organization to be invested in support groups, workshops, research initiatives, and healing classes such as gentle yoga. "This is the fifteenth year for this event, and the fifteenth year that it's been held on Mother's Day,"
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