Marie Walker Riddle: “Ask Questions About Your Cancer!” Marie Walker Riddle is dealing with stage four inflammatory breast cancer and in this video, she talks about the different aspects of the disease. Going through chemotherapy, the wife, mother and business owner has suffered from side effects, including depression and suicidal thoughts. More than a year later, she realized that it was possible to reduce these effects, which is why she is now encouraging other patients to ask questions about their condition. "I've been taking chemotherapy for over a year and three months, I've been taking it weekly. And at some point I started to lose pieces of my mind and who I was," she explained. After a while, Marie Walker Riddle shared the problems with her group and ended up realizing that it was related to steroids. She was initially told that she would always have to take them, but a year later she continued insisting and understood that she could be treated without the steroids. "Perhaps you can ask questions to your doctors," she adds. "I didn't know I could ask. I thought my doctor would tell me. The point I'm trying to make is: you can ask questions. I'm a living example." Marie Walker Riddle has recently started to share her journey with and personal thoughts on stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer about a month ago in the form of vlogs in a YouTube channel called Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

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