Peer Support Initiative for Breast Cancer Patients Underway in Wisconsin

Peer Support Initiative for Breast Cancer Patients Underway in Wisconsin
After Breast Cancer Diagnosis (ABCD) has announced the launch of a year-long initiative, called the “Power of One-to-One,” that aims to increase access to free peer support services for breast cancer (BC) patients, survivors, and their families and friends throughout Wisconsin. The statewide initiative is being launched in October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, to raise awareness and encourage support. The Power of One-to-One is actually a series of initiatives, and the first to start is the Liaison Project. This project provides advanced volunteer training to breast cancer survivors who want to become ABCD program liaisons to specific healthcare organizations in the state. Liaisons must meet with cancer care professionals and community health leaders on a regular basis to ensure that breast cancer patients can easily access ABCD’s Helpline (800-977-4121 or [email protected]), and to assist with resource navigation and one-to-one peer support. The Southeast Wisconsin region already has active liaisons, and the project is expanding. The Fox Valley, Green Bay, and Wausau areas will be supported by a $25,000 grant from the Wisconsin Cancer Control Program, and be followed by the State Beloit/Janesville region in the southern end of the state. Additional regions will be added as the network grows. The initiative will also involve ABCD’s Wisconsin Breast Cancer Task Force, and expand on collaborations already underway, namely in Hispanic and African-American communities, rural areas, and
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