Researchers Look to Treat Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Patients via Avatars

Researchers Look to Treat Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Patients via Avatars
Researchers at the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center are proposing to conduct a clinical trial that uses "avatars" to help determine the most effective chemotherapies for people with triple-negative breast cancer (BC). Triple-negative BC is a particularly aggressive group of breast cancers that often affect younger women. Unlike receptor-positive types of BC, triple-negative cancers lack the biomarkers that oncologists use to decide which treatment a patient is most likely to respond to, making their optimal therapy a more difficult, educated guess. "Breast cancer, we now recognize, is at least five different diseases that are completely different from each other. And the hardest nut to crack is this one called triple-negative breast cancer," Edward Romond, PhD, an oncologist at Markey Cancer Center, said in a press release. Since triple-negative BCs are not uniform, every patient responds to treatment in a different way. These breast cancers, however, generally responds well to chemotherapy. Patients with triple-negative BC currently receive chemotherapy first to s
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  1. About time someone took a proactive role to treating the only breast cancer for which there is no cure. We TNBC patients are ready to join the ranks of all other breast cancer patients and have some real hope for a future. The way we’ve been approaching TNBC (and by we I mean us doctors) is woefully inadequate with at best 50/50 survival. The “standard of care” for TNBC is way too low! Get on the ball; get aggressive and proactive with this bad actor of breast cancer.

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