My Second Opinion Was the Best Decision

My Second Opinion Was the Best Decision
Journey_Toward_Pink_Path_Jessica_Grono Getting a second opinion after a cancer diagnosis is so important. It puts your mind at ease that you're making the best decisions. I made an appointment for a second opinion at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia. Fox Chase specializes in cancer. My husband took me to an early appointment on a sunny morning in March. To our surprise, the center looked like a small city. It was sobering to think all the people there had something to do with cancer. We arrived early because we had been concerned about traffic. I sat anxiously in the waiting room, taking in everything around me. Some were laughing, talking, or sitting quietly. Some appeared as if this was their 30th visit, and others, like me, were waiting for their first appointment. Registration went easy and then we were directed to the women's center, which was a walk down two long hallways. We waited. My husband assisted me in the bathroom, and then we waited some more. I scanned the women in the waiting room to see if any were as anxious as me. I saw lots of women with wigs or bandanas on their heads due to hair loss from chemotherapy. Many were reading books or talking to friends. The performer who sang Fight Song, (Rachael Platten) was on one of the televisions. I thought it ironic because the words are so relevant to the emotions of fighting cancer. Finally, the nurse called my name and ushered us to a large
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  1. Healted says:

    Second opinions are very useful because they increase the patient’s confidence in the treatment they are going to receive and also confirms that the diagnosis done is correct. Thank you for sharing your experience with us , We wish you good health and prosperity.

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