The Week Leading Up to My Double Mastectomy

The Week Leading Up to My Double Mastectomy
Journey_Toward_Pink_Path_Jessica_Grono The week before my double mastectomy happened to be very busy. The Saturday before I had terrible pain in my right cheek through my jaw. I felt certain that I had a cavity. Of course, it was Saturday and my dentist's office is closed on the weekend. I called a few emergency dentists, but I couldn't make an appointment. My husband brought home teeth-numbing liquid for my tooth that worked temporarily. I play goalie and defense for a local power chair hockey team, and I had a hockey game that day. I definitely didn't want to miss the game because I knew I'd be unable to play for some time after the double mastectomy. The next day I taught my last Sunday school class for a while. On Sunday night, my face hurt so badly I could hardly sleep. I made an appointment with my doctor for Monday morning. It turned out that I had a miserable sinus infection. Once the antibiotics kicked in, I felt like a new person. On Tuesday and Wednesday, I did my shopping, cleaning, writing and prepared my children for the weekend. My daughter went to her best friend's house, and my son went to my sister's. I felt very fortunate to have many people offer their help. One of my friends suggested that I sign up on a website that organizes people to bring over meals for my family. It will just give us one less thing to worry about as I recover. On Thursday, I had my regular dentist appointment for cleaning and check-up. I'm extremely fortunate that I had my appointment on that day because
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