Aftermath of Surviving Breast Cancer Can Make Dating Complicated

Aftermath of Surviving Breast Cancer Can Make Dating Complicated
Dating after cancer? As one man to another, one breast cancer survivor to another, let me tell you: It's been awful. After my cancer journey was over, I waited three years to get back in the game, because I was taking Tamoxifen and it had several side effects that wouldn’t work well with dating. You know, attractive things like … hot flashes, rage, hormonal issues, weight gain. None of those are good on a date. A woman would think I was insane, an idiot, or an insane idiot. Not good! In September I decided to get off Tamoxifen, so I could finally reclaim my life. I lost the weight, started working out, no more side effects. OK, I am ready to date. Watch out, ladies, here I am! But I hear only crickets. Nothing. Not even a whisper. What happened? Before cancer, I was dating a lot. What's going on? Friends have told me it will take time. Well, how much time? I am 48 years old, but I look like I am in my 30s. Good Italian genes, I guess. Friends also said not to be too honest on the first date, meaning I shouldn’t tell them that I am a breast cancer survivor. But that doesn't work well, because my dates always ask what I do for a living. Then it comes up (I run a male breast cancer foundation), and I get the “Oh,” followed by silence — or worse. I had one date who left me at the table, after saying she could not date a guy who'd had breast cancer. Really? Wow! I felt devastated. Is this how it is going to be going forward? I hope not. I will keep trying ulntil I find the right one, but it is daunting sometimes. I've been trying the online dating sites since then, but they haven't gone all that well, either. Women on these sites are more interested in the foundation that I created, than in me. I guess that could be a good start
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