5 Holiday Wishes for Cancer Patients Like Us

5 Holiday Wishes for Cancer Patients Like Us
Did you just get that terrifying diagnosis? Is your hair falling out, completely gone, or coming back in a bizarre stubble that has you guessing about what the color and texture will be? Are you counting the months until your next mammogram, praying for good news? Maybe you just got some holiday tats and are celebrating with a few rounds of radiation. It happened to me, too. I got my diagnosis on New Years Eve 2013, and woke up on the first day of the new year unsure how to start fresh and hopeful. This holiday season, I want to extend five wishes for everyone in our situation. Comfort My first wish is that you have the comfort of a roof over your head, walls that keep out the rain, and a window for the sun. That you find more comfort by wrapping yourself in your favorite soft blanket and eating food that tastes good. That you are not too hot or too cold and have comfy clothes that feel like jammies. That you feel safe in the space you’re in, with medicine that can cure you or make the pain go away. That sleep comes easily and leaves you feeling refreshed. That your mind takes a break from all the what-ifs and allows you to focus on the right-nows. These blessings are more than many people in the world enjoy, and being mindful of them is comfort in itself. Love Cancer was my chance to let the world shower its love on me. I continually found myself amazed at the compassion and generosity I experienced, even from strangers, who found out about my cancer and stepped in with loving support. My mother-in-law’s friend, Doris, sent me an inspiring book, my sister’s friend sent me gifts and cards, and strangers around the world wrapped me in prayer. I steeped in the warmth of that love, and my wish is for you to feel it, too. Unlike people, love never die
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