Recalling the Day of My Double Mastectomy

Recalling the Day of My Double Mastectomy
Journey_Toward_Pink_Path_Jessica_Grono We were early getting to the hospital on the day of my double mastectomy. We watched some daytime television as we waited for my mom to arrive. I was nervous as I thought about my children, hoping they were okay. My sister texted me earlier with cute pictures of my 3-year-old picking out toys at a store. My daughter's language arts teacher emailed to wish me luck and told me Laura was doing fine. I smiled and missed them already. My husband and I went to the registration desk. My mom told me she would arrive in about five minutes and would meet us. I answered the necessary questions and signed the paperwork. My mom tried to make light of everything, but I wanted to be anywhere but the hospital. We all went to the pre-surgery area and soon I called in to prepare for surgery. I used the bathroom, changed into a hospital gown, and laid on the gurney. Time went slowly from then until they were ready. My plastic surgeon stopped in to give me some positive news. He said instead of me returning to do multiple surgeries for reconstruction, he could do everything today. I certainly liked the idea of not having multiple surgeries, but I really liked knowing that after this surgery, I would look somewhat myself. I also met the surgeon and anesthesiologist. But then I still waited for my turn to go. Even though I loved spending time with my husband and mom, I also wanted to eat and just get the surgery completed. Finally, the time had come and my mom and husband kissed me g
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