10 Possible Allergic Reactions to Breast Cancer Treatments

shutterstock_270745160 Dizziness or Fainting Dizziness usually signals a drop in blood pressure, which some cancer treatments can bring about. If you experience dizziness make sure to avoid hot baths, getting up from lying or sitting too quickly, caffeine, alcohol, salt and tobacco as these can all make dizziness worse. Sit or lie down if you feel dizzy until the sensation passes. Dizziness can also lead to fainting or passing out. This is dangerous as you can injure yourself when you fall. If you feel faint, either sit down with you head between your knees or lay down on your side with your knees and feet drawn up higher than your heart. You will need to alert your doctor as soon as possible. Find out which types of anti-estrogen therapies are available for breast cancer treatment.

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