How to Recognize the Signs of Breast Cancer

In this 2010 video from Howcast, find out how to spot possible symptoms of breast cancer. The video starts by explaining that throughout a woman's life she may experience changes to her breasts which are perfectly natural.

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However, it advises that any changes be checked over by a doctor to be on the safe side. It recommends that women do a self-exam once a month and that they do this a few days after the end of their period when the breasts are less likely to be tender or swollen. If you don't have periods then you should choose a day each month that will be easy to remember.

The film points out that cancerous lump are more likely to be hard, painless and unmovable, but you should consult your doctor about any lumps or differences to your breasts. It also suggests women have yearly mammograms once they reach the age of 40, or earlier if there is a history of the disease in your family.

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