Mastectomy and Hematoma Surgeries Behind Me, It Was Time to Go Home

Mastectomy and Hematoma Surgeries Behind Me, It Was Time to Go Home
Journey_Toward_Pink_Path_Jessica_Grono The recovery process had officially begun after my hematoma surgery. Unfortunately, you don't just get up and go after a double mastectomy. Recovery is a process, and if you keep a positive outlook, it will help you get through everything so you aren't completely miserable as you heal. Believe me, you will get through this and survive. I am right-handed, but more importantly, my right side helps me to be as independent as possible. I have cerebral palsy and that affects my motor control of my limbs. My right side is dominant, which means I use my right side for everything. My right arm had been hurting me pretty badly after the double mastectomy. When I looked at my arm, I was stunned. My arm looked as if I had been in a severe car accident. After the shock wore off, I was horrified by the sight, not to mention the pain. I wondered how I would do simple tasks while my arm recuperated. Sadly, I found it difficult to text on my iPhone. I wasn't expecting that to be a challenge. Getting transferred into my wheelchair wasn't as bad as expected. It took a lot of people to maneuver the IVs, drains and not hurt me during the whole process. It felt pretty good being upright for a bit, but again, I noticed yet another surprise. I had trouble driving my wheelchair. I use a motorized wheelchair and drive using a joystick. My arm was weak and sore. It almost felt as if my arm was jelly. My in-laws came to visit, which made me happy. Unfortunately, I felt quite sleepy, and f
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