A Lasting Moment in the Radiation Waiting Room

A Lasting Moment in the Radiation Waiting Room
A Lump in the Road column Three of us sat in the windowless room, clad in thin hospital robes, waiting for our turn to be radiated. Young One was a beauty, her face aglow with vibrancy and perfection, her bald head somehow accentuating the symmetry of her facial features and the flawlessness of her skin. She took my breath away. Other Lady was older and had a full head of hair since her treatment didn’t require chemo. Her face sagged, and I thought she probably appeared tired even after she had a good night’s rest. After we looked at each other awkwardly for a while, pulling our gowns close and fidgeting with the ties, we started to talk. Young One was nearly done, only a few more rounds of radiation to go. Black stubble was already visible on top of her head, and she seemed ready to resume life
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