7 Tips for Getting Through A Cancer Diagnosis

7 Tips for Getting Through A Cancer Diagnosis
A Lump in the Road column Receiving a diagnosis of cancer is a surreal experience. Here are my top tips for getting through it.

Feel it

When it happened to me, I felt an onslaught of disbelief, shock, fear, worry and dread. Feeling all those emotions, instead of denying them, helped me get past that stage and arrive at a new sensation — peace. I still have moments of panic when I wonder if I’m going to abandon my child to a life without a mom, and my husband to widowhood. But mostly, I have a sense of peace that eclipses anything I experienced pre-cancer. 

Keep a recovery journal

Shortly after my diagnosis, I started a new journal. Not a cancer journal, but a recovery journal. In mine, I recorded my thoughts, kept a lock of my hair, remembered my dreams and thought through my prayers. I made line drawings of
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