This is How You Properly Check for Breast Cancer



In this segment from ITV’s This Morning, the show’s resident doctor, Dr. Chris Steele, demonstrates how women should perform a breast self-examination to check for lumps or any abnormalities.

This “Know Your Lemons” photo helps women to see the changes that may occur when you have breast cancer.

Dr. Steele explains that before a woman starts with the physical self-exam, she needs to look closely at her breasts in the mirror to see if there are any changes with their appearance, such as dimpling, skin puckering or changes in size or shape. Then using the pads of the fingers, work around the breast from the nipple outwards, then lift up the arms and feel in the armpit, up towards the shoulder and around the collar bone. If they find anything abnormal they need to consult their doctor and get checked out.

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