Great News for Patients With DCIS

Great News for Patients With DCIS
Journey_Toward_Pink_Path_Jessica_Grono Good news in the cancer world can be rare. However, on Jan. 27 there was great news, especially for those with breast cancer. Lotte Elshof, MD, of the Netherlands Cancer Institute, ran a study of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) in older patients. One of the findings was that older women who were diagnosed and treated for DCIS have an overall decreased risk of early death compared to other types of breast cancer. Getting a diagnosis of DCIS can be devastating, and confusing to decide on a treatment plan. It is a noninvasive cancer that leaves abnormal cells within the milk duct of the breast. The atypical cells do not spread to anywhere else in the body. It's the early onset of cancer and is extremely treatable if caught in time. Without treatment, DCIS can turn into a potentially fatal form of breast cancer. The study that came from the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam shows that having DCIS doesn't increase the risk of dying. (Findings from the study, "Low cause-specific mortality in women treated for ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast," were presented by Elshof at the European Cancer Congress in Amsterdam.) When I was diagnosed with DCIS, I had fear, questions and anxiety. But the way my oncologist described it helped ease my mind a little bit. He told me if I h
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