Why Don’t More of Us Seek Second Opinions About Our Health?

Why Don’t More of Us Seek Second Opinions About Our Health?
Protect the Pecs, Steve Del Gardo Isn’t funny how we get second opinions on nearly everything in life — other than when it comes to our health? Why do people get second opinions on car troubles, houses, decorations and even future girlfriends, but not on their health? We are always asking our friends for their opinions, but never seeking second options for our health. When was the last time you got a second opinion? What was it about? I am always asking my friends about their opinion on women. That is it. I never get second opinions on anything else in my life. ... Wait, I do: Clothes. And who do I ask for an opinion on that? Women. When it comes to our health, when do we seek a second opinion? I think that a second opinion, especially when it involves any major surgery to cancer diagnoses, can be worthwhile to pursue. In hindsight, I do not think I would have had breast cancer if I had sought out a second opinion. Maybe the lump could have been removed, and maybe it would have stopped the cancer. I really do not know for sure, but I am fine with the outcome. I cannot regress on the "what-ifs." It isn't healthy for my well-being. Back in 2008, there was an interesting article featured on NBC News that discussed the importance of getting a second opinion. The article states that nearly 50% of all Americans never received a second opinion on their health. Although
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