Four Teams Awarded £71 Million in U.K. Cancer Research Competition

Four Teams Awarded £71 Million in U.K. Cancer Research Competition
Four international teams have won the 2016/2017 Global Grant Challenge Competition, receiving a total of £71 million (about $88 million) to tackle leading challenges in cancer research. Cancer Research UK, which sponsored the initiative, chose the projects for their potential to transform how we understand and treat cancer. The multidisciplinary teams will develop groundbreaking research into cancer, including: “Millions of women attend breast screening every year, but often lesions show up that will never go on to turn into full-blown breast cancer," Wessling said on the project's home page. "Because doctors don’t know which of these lesions could be dangerous, they often treat women just in case. In our project, we will study thousands of these lesions in great detail to understand which are low- and high-risk and help doctors to make more informed decisions about treatment."
  • The DNA damage associated with different cancers, the reasons behind them and possible prevention mechanisms. Mike Stratton, at Cambridge, will lead the study with U.S.,
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