Prepared to Go the Distance to Advocate for Male Breast Cancer Awareness

Prepared to Go the Distance to Advocate for Male Breast Cancer Awareness

Protect the Pecs, Steve Del Gardo
“Going The Distance” are stories of other men who have fought breast cancer and won. I started this series to get the word out and to inspire others that there is hope! I don’t have many stories, but there are a lot men out there who have stories to tell.

But there also are a lot men who are still too scared to tell their story because of being ridiculed by society. That is something we all need to change. Below, are excerpts of stories posted on my website. I encourage you go there and read each story in full.

“Upon leaving the medical office, the radiologist told me that there was a good chance that I had breast cancer, but we had to wait for the results. Three days later I had 3 needle biopsies. March 13, results were in, I had breast cancer.. Talk about a shock!! Even though I had been planning to hear those words in my head, it was surreal.. Immediately my wife set up 4 consultations with oncologists. I found out I had the specific breast cancer that was estrogen driven. I also took the blood test and found out I was positive for carrying the gene.” — Chris Gallo 

“People were pretty cruel,” Bryson, 67, told BCRF in a recent interview remembering some of the insensitive remarks made during his treatment. An old boss joked before his double mastectomy that he was getting breast implants, another told him “you didn’t need that nipple anyway.” This included survivor groups who turned him away because of his gender. — Jacob Bryson  

“On January 17, 2015, my life was shocked when I found a knot in my right breast. I first started doing the checks I found on the internet. I checked all around the right then I did the left as well. I didn’t feel anything on my left but I kept feeling this big knot on my right breast. So I put my clothes on and went to tell my mother at 2:45 am. She said does it hurt bad enough to go to the emergency room. I said, no, it doesn’t hurt but it feels weird. She told me to call my primary doctor and scheduled an appointment.” — Christopher Walker 

These are only some of the great stories that are out there. Do you know that Peter Criss from the rock band Kiss is a male breast cancer survivor? He is a strong advocate for the cause. We need more celebrities to step up to help us men. I tried contacting John Cena, but he is advocating for the Susan G. Komen foundation. So is the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). Almost, if not all, major sports foundations, are tied to breast cancer foundations that are for women. Isn’t that crazy? They have the opportunity to educate billions of men and they fail to do so. I just don’t get it.

How many more men need to die from breast cancer until they take notice? What will it take to change their behavior? Their father, brother or son dying? What will it take to wake them up?

I am ready to fight for this. I will create a social media storm. I will reach out to celebrities. I will contact every sports foundation and CEO. I will not go down without a fight. I will not give up until we are equal with the women on this issue. There is lots of talk about equal rights. Well, we want equal rights, too.

I am “Going the Distance.” Who is with me?

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