Fame Can Help Spread the Word About Male Breast Cancer

Fame Can Help Spread the Word About Male Breast Cancer
There are fewer than 10 famous men who have, or have had, breast cancer in our lifetimes. These men were pioneers for us who have had breast cancer and for those who lost the fight. We are all warriors fighting on the same side against this horrible disease, but we are only few siding with hundreds of thousands of wonderful women. I want to share some of the famous men who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Richard Roundtree – You know this guy. He was the original lead character John Shaft in the 1971 movie Shaft. “I thought he was questioning my manhood,” he wrote in an essay for Essence magazine in 2009, sharing the day his doctor first told him he had breast cancer. “Women die from this, not men. How could I possibly have that?” Rod Roddy – You may not recognize his name, but you will know his famous saying: "Come on down! He said those words for 17 years on the television game show The Price is Right, and during that time, he fought colon and breast cancer, and had a mastectomy. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2003. Edward Brooke – This guy was the first famous man diagnosed with breast cancer. In 1966, he also was the first African-American to be elected as a U.S. Senator. He was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002. He survived for many years, but passed in January 2015 at the age of 95 years. That is amazing, Montel Williams – This is an interesting story. While he was serving in the U.S. Marines at the age of 19, he was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy. However, he was misdiagnosed. Later he learned it was just a torn pectoral muscle. Ernie Green – He was a former NFL star with the Cleveland Browns in the 1960s, He, and both of his sisters, were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. Un
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