Starting with Surprise Upgrade, Blessings for Breast Cancer Checkup

Starting with Surprise Upgrade, Blessings for Breast Cancer Checkup
When I turned 27, I bought my first car. When I turned 49, I experienced my first cancer diagnosis. (And I hope, my last). The car I bought was a sensible choice, a used four door Sentra sedan with low mileage so entrenched in practicality that friends made fun of it. I drove it until I got married at 34, and yes, I was able to snag a man with my car's exotic appeal. I treated my introduction to cancer with equal pragmatism. The morning after I discovered my lump, hard as an almond and just beneath the skin of my right breast, I saw a doctor. Slowly and carefully, I worked my way through cancer’s complicated, terrifying treatment process. For me, it took a Sentra sedan mentality to fight my breast cancer and beat it. Since purchasing that down-to-earth Sentra, I’ve insisted on an equally prudent, no-nonsense approach to other vehicles in my life. I’m a low key girl, at least when it comes to cars. I want reliability. They need to start when I turn the key and go in the direction I point them, but they don’t have to look good doing it. I need tread on the tires, wipers that work, and airbags I hope never to use. My husband and I bought a heavy duty truck and fitted it with a lumber rack, a vehicle that helps us do our work. It now has 280,000 miles and lots of evidence of hard labor. And our SUV even tops our truck’s odometer. It reads 307,000 miles. When I travel, I take practicality with me and ask for the cheapest rental car available. This week, I headed to San Francisco for my bi-annual cancer check up at UCSF Hospital and had my usual exchange at the car counter. “I can upgrade you to the next level for just two dollars a day,” the sal
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  1. Gina Aponte says:

    Thank you for your candid journey, my friend. Your article invites us right into that car with you. Here’s to the red convertible, riding with the top down, and the smiles of God! ? So thankful for these six months!

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