Woman With Stage 4 Breast Cancer Has Solo Wedding Photo Shoot

Ever since she was a little girl, Q May Chen from New Taipei, Taiwan dreamt of her wedding day and the wonderful gown she would wear. Fast forward to 2013 when Q May finds out she had stage 2 breast cancer. Luckily, she beat the disease and continued to live life to the fullest. Families share their experience with breast cancer in this moving video.  Sadly, BuzzFeed reports that Q May's cancer returned in 2015, but this time the news was much worse—she had stage 4 breast cancer. Faced with her own mortality, the 27-year-old decided that she would try and accomplish some of her lifelong dreams, including wearing a wedding gown and participating in a wedding day photoshoot. Since Q May's single, she decided to go ahead and have the photos taken without a groom. The finished photos of her in a beautiful selection of wedding gowns are a fantastic testament to her strength and determination. She was set on seeing her dreams come true, no matter the obstacles. In addition to her solo wedding, Q May plans to go on a "honeymoon" to Bali later this year, although she won't be alone! She'll be taking her mom with her for company. Read the full story over on BuzzFeed. Find out more about the different stages of breast cancer here. 

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  1. Tom Dea says:

    I have a friend who also had breast cancer. She was 3 weeks from dying, and was told to take chlorella. She took 35 supplements per day. She is now recovered and is on a cruise ship. I would recommend that you also try it.

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