Breast Cancer Survivors Take Part in a New York Fashion Show

As per usual, the clothing and celebrity attendees at New York Fashion Week were a big hit, but this year one of the shows got attention for a different reason. Lingerie designer Dana Donofee's AnaOno Intimates show made headlines after the designer selected runway models who were either breast cancer survivors or who were currently undergoing treatment. Woman with stage 4 breast cancer has solo wedding photo shoot. Find out more.   As reported by Women's Health magazine, Donofee was inspired to design bras for ladies who had suffered from breast cancer after she fought the disease and had a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery at the age of 27. Frustrated with not being able to find any nice undergarments after surgery, she created her own lingerie company in 2015. All of the ladies who walked the runway in the show had undergone some form of breast surgery for cancer treatment, from lumpectomies to double mastectomies. Some had reconstructive surgery but others hadn't. The ladies ranged in age and some chose to walk the show topless while others modeled bras from the AnaOno Intimates range. The proceeds from the fashion show will be used to support Cancerland. You can read the full story on Read about six celebrities who fought breast cancer here. 

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