Pre-Mastectomy Planning is a Practical Distraction

Pre-Mastectomy Planning is a Practical Distraction
Journey_Toward_Pink_Path_Jessica_Grono An oncologist recommending that you need a mastectomy is one of the most difficult things a woman will hear. I remember thinking to myself, "Did he seriously say that I need to have a mastectomy?" It was the last thing I wanted, despite some recommendations my family made when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer. If you're in the time of your life that a mastectomy is needed, know that you definitely are not alone in your feelings. Sadness, confusion, betrayal and denial are all completely normal. Believe me, you will survive this and hopefully will look back and realize it was not as bad as you imagined. Everyone is different, and that includes what we worry about the most. My biggest fears were pain, appearance and the drains. Reading and hearing other people's experiences were both a blessing and a curse. I heard stories of horrible pain that lasted for months. I could not imagine pain that lasted that long. Then I heard the "You're lucky to get a breast augmentation out of the deal." No! It's not something I would undergo by choice. I was quite pleased with my natural appearance. Here are some tips that I wish I had known before my mastectomy. Please keep in mind that every person with breast cancer is unique. So, whatever has worked for me, might not be right for you. I am only offering suggestions. Planning ahead helped me. The weeks leading up to your surgery is a time to be busy. Staying busy helped keep my mind focused on something useful instea
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